TalentDAO is a community of organizational scientists, strategists, and researchers building the world's first decentralized community-reviewed publication protocol for the social sciences and applying what we learn to help the DAO ecosystem thrive.

Our mission

To unlock human potential in the decentralized, digital economy. We conduct scientific research that helps DAOs thrive while educating the public on the greater decency and agency offered by this decentralized future of work.


Core Team

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Nemo, PhD — Founder, Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Chief Scientist

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k3nn.eth — Core Team Founder, Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Data Science & Research


ItamarGo — Core Team Founder, Editor, Newsletter of Decentralized Work

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Sherifoz — Core Team Founder, Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Researcher

Blockpusher_J — Core Team Founder

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Saulthorin, Founder, Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Business Development


Lisa Wocken, PhD — Core Team Founder, Organizational Leadership, Researcher & Educator

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Mr. Nobody — Core Team Founder, Organizational Psychologist, Researcher


Liagodoyf — Core Team Founder, Design Lead

Prof. Burns — Core Team Founder, Academic Partnerships and Product Advisor

Jaxcoder — ****Engineering Lead, JoDW


IsraelRex — UI/UX and Product Designer